Monday, 30 June 2014

2 Ways to Promote an Indie Book

You planed it. You wrote it. You published it. Now what? You promote it. Ususally, the first day 'buzz' will die down within a day, and the flurry of people buying your book would have stopped or at least slowed down. This is when you need to get thinking about marketing, and promotion. Many people overlook this as a very much vital aspect of selling anything, not just books.
And marketing is especially important for self-published authors. Read on to find the top two ways, in my opinion, to promote a new book.

  • Freebies. Everyone loves a good freebie, and I'm not one to be the opposite. If you're promoting an eBook, then just set the price to free - it won't cost you anything if you use a good retailer such as Smashwords. If you're promoting an actual book, then why not use Goodreads to host a competition and give away around five free copies to winners? On Goodreads you are very likely to get reviews, too, since people on Goodreads do tend to drop reviews.
My Freebie book!
Freebie books are always good, because people are likely to pick something up if it's free - there's 0 risks involved so why wouldn't they get it? This is a valuable marketing tool that you can benefit from, even if you only put your book as free for a few days, the word should spread. Alternatively, it works well to have a free book at the start of a series. If you've never published, a great route to go down is to offer the first book in a series for free! This means people can get a taste for your work and, in general, this works well for everyone.

  • Get a group of Betareaders. Betareaders are the best. Why? Because they read your book before it gets released which gives you an arsenal of reviews already at your fingertips. Why is that good? People are more likely to buy a book when it has good reviews already, and are less likely to buy a book when it has no reviews. Do the math.

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