Saturday, 28 June 2014

Publishing with Smashwords

In the modern age of self-publishing, there's never quite been so many options for the budding writer, or self-publisher. And because of the myriad of options, a lot of people get confused.
The primary platforms to publish on seem to be directly through to Amazon, and Smashwords. Smashwords being the #1 choice for many people looking to publish an ebook.
Well, today, I was battling a migraine and decided to publish my first actual ebook, called Crows Among Doves. Thanks to Smashwords, I was able to completely format it right the first time (I hope) and get it selling almost immediately!

Smashwords makes it simple to reformat your book and offers a ton of free help, and lets you post your book for free, and price it however you'd like. Currently, my book is free, because I know it isn't very amazing and nobody has heard of me, but I will be changing the price soon enough.
So, how do you reformat, exactly? Well, it's simple! You merely download the style guide from Smashwords (tis free), and follow the rules. I am very lazy and took the drastic option of 'nuclear' - pasting every last word into Notepad and then pasting it into a fresh document. There are other ways around this, but I feel that just doing that is easy, especially if you don't have much formatting to begin with!
Smashwords is also very user friendly and offers heaps of free help and advice to get you started. Which I feel is brilliant!

Have you published with Smashwords? Do you think its user-friendly? Let me know!

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