Saturday, 28 June 2014

Scribophile - an invaluable essential

For just over two weeks now, I think, I've been a member on Scribophile. During my writing career (and the days when I was just over twelve pretending to be eighteen to sign into sites), I've been a member of over roughly twenty different sites. And I have to say, none of them have been so explicitly valuable and insightful as Scribophile. Why? Read on!

  • Scrib has an active community of critiquers and fellow writers - for your enjoyment! Not only do you have to save up 'Karma Points' to post your own work (so as everyone has a fair chance to get a crit), there's also a great and thriving community forum with tons of people saying 'hi' every day! You can make your own or join one, and you can also join fun groups of like-minded writers who share the same passion.
  • Everyone loves to get their hands onto a crit. This means that you post your work and you're pretty much reassured you will get some love! Every piece of work also hits the 'Spotlight' at some point in it's life, to make sure that you do get a critique. Be it a new member spotlight (your first ever upload goes up in a spotlight instantly), main spotlight (you have to wait, though) or a good critiquer spotlight, your work will get uploaded into at least one spotlight.
  • There's an option for premium! Most people shun their noses at sites thathat say 'PAY ME', but Scrib is unique. Scribophile actually gives people perks for giving their money up, which really is worth it with Scrib! You can enter their contents without paying additional Karma, as well as much more!

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