Thursday, 3 July 2014

Best Free Writing Software

Everyone has a different opinion on writing software. Whether they think it's beneficial, or not, and which ones work and the ones that don't. Everyone has a different opinion.
So, because I'm a software freak, I wasted a lot of time today trying to find a new software that gets me to write. I've found that with Microsoft Word, I can only write about two thousand words a day, and with Written Kitten I get around 300 words per mini-session (around five minutes). However, it's not always the best way forward to use an online service, namely when you want to avoid Facebook or have no internet. So here is my list of internet and desktop based services that can help your writing.

  • Write Or Die! is a free and paid service that offers a browser-based as well as a desktop-based client that lets you write for a limit of time (or forever), and when you stop writing in order to say, procrastinate, it begins deleting your work. That's right - your precious words start vanishing after you stop. You can change the grace period, so you have longer or less time. This is perfect for those folk who don't care about word count, but care about losing their work.
  • Written? Kitten! allows people to set themselves a goal of 100, 250+ words and then get a cute reward of a kitten, puppy or bunny. Users can also set another tag by adding /?search=<entertaghere> at the end of the URL, meaning they can have images of dinos, lolitas, anime or whatever else they want! It's always great to get a reward - and it makes sure procrastinators write more because they will get their little treat. It's not always good though, because it doesn't punish people. The best part is... it's free!
  • FocusWriter is a free, open-source software for Windows, Linux and Mac that allows you to write freely without any distractions. There are no ribbons for fonts etc, and you can find out the settings and wordcount by simply sliding your curser over one of the ribbons. Also, you can have your own perfect theme to allow you more creativity. This means you can put a wonderful image of a forest or something else that inspires you in the background and let you vomit your words down.
  • yWriter is free software by SpaceJock that allows writers to brainstorm, list characters, locations and more, and easily write without distraction. In my opinion, this is a great software! However, my current qualm is that it is highly outdated and you can't run it on Windows 8.1, so you should probably dual run Windows XP for optimized usage of this. There's also a heap of other ySoftware such as yGen that allows you to seamlessly use your email and more at the touch of a button.
So there's my list of the best free writing software. I really advise purchasing Write or Die because their brought version has a ton of features that the free version doesn't, such as new sounds and screamers when you don't write in a while. If you prefer simplicity, try out FocusWriter for your writing needs!
Want more help? Just drop me a message!

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