Friday, 4 July 2014

Best Music to Listen to When Writing

Many people ask me this question, and in fact, it's possibly the most common one I get asked through e-mail frrom friends, family and other folk. Well, there's not one single answer - people write better to different things. I know that I, personally, can write with any music. Though some people find the power of silence to be more liking to their tastes. So, here is my list on the music you should listen to that won't distract you.

  • Dubstep/drumstep/chillstep. All of this type of music is usually without vocals (with the exception of Vocal Chillstep, Female vocal dubstep etc), and usually you can imagine things whilst listening to it. I find that by listening to dubstep or chillstep, I can really get into the scene that I am writing. If I am writing a calm scene, then turn up the chillstep! Writing a dark, grim scene? Listen to some brutal dubstep by searching "best drops dubstep" - you're sure to get some good results! Not only is dubstep good for writing, but it's good to put over YouTube montages

  • Silence is always good. If the above tips didn't help, silence can help you a great amount, because you aren't distracted. I advise sitting in silence for an hour and writing, then try to listen to the above, because you may find that you already write well enough without the need of brutal drops or novice covers of songs you used to adore.

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  1. I always like sort of bluegrass songs with the same tempo as the scene, because 7 out of 10 times you can't hear the words!



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