Thursday, 24 July 2014

Best Online Writing Services

In light of my blog post on Best Writing Apps being one of my most read articles, I've decided to create a new version, for the modern tech-friendly writer or journalist looking to make the most of the internet.
If you're like me, you can spend between an hour to twelve hours a day on the internet, whether on your cell phone or on your PC or tablet, and because we spend so much time on the internet, why shouldn't we utilize the brilliant services offered? For free!

  1. Google Docs is possibly the most known and overused online service. Why? Because it's simple, free, de-cluttered and easy to use. Not only this but it has suspiciously easy tools for sharing your work and also collaborating. This makes it good for you and your editor to work together, or makes it easy for you and your friend to work on a story together at the same time.
  2. Blogging is also an easy way to write, and it can help get publicity, marketing and lets you share your day all in one post. For example, I could tell you exactly how my day went at the start of this post, but also reveal why this post has been relevant to me and why you need to read this post. Not only does Blogger have easy tools for writers and journalists, but a blog is an easy way to get noticed, or to share and communicate with your pre-made fanbase of loyal and wonderful people.
  3. Microblogging goes hand in hand with number two. Use Twitter and see how maybe typing a short story in 120 characters can improve your writing. It's good for getting your creativity working, but it's also amazing to communicate with people without having to write a blog post. Of course, you could write a blog post and share it with your Twitter fans, giving you double to visibility!
  4. SpringNote is a simple to use online app with lots of cool features for anyone interested in at least typing a few words. It is based on good principles, and even has a super cool iPhone application that extends your abilities. Because of course, sometimes you need to write but don't have pen and paper handy. Not to fear though, because the app is free, easy to use, and doesn't consume all your precious iPhone memory.
  5. Stanza is a free iPhone app for writers, scripters and more, with huge potential with an easy, friendly interface, and tools your grandma could use. It really is that simple. Again, only for iPhone users, and you can find it through iTunes or the App Store. Not only is it smooth and easy to use, but has a lot of language capability such as English, Korean, and Japanese.

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