Friday, 11 July 2014

Is Wattpad Good?

Not too long ago, I did a post on Scribophile. Whilst Scribophile is brilliant for the more discerning writer, I feel that other, more-public sites can do the trick. In my search for a new, vibrant writing community, I stumbled upon Wattpad.
In my short time there, I've been very active on the forums and learned a lot. I've made a ton of covers for people, and they've helped me, too.

Let me start by saying that in a few hours, I amassed 12 followers, made some friends  via their forums, and also, I was able to get 60 reads on Inquisition. This is great, because I know that people read it. And I also gained votes. For those of you who don't know what a vote is, it's something that lets people know that someone out there - or several persons out there - loved your story. Today, I took down Inquisition, and replaced it with the new thing I'm working on which is Crows Among Doves + Inquisition, and in only a few hours I got 30 views, and 7 votes. Ooooh.
I've also met an editor!
Being active on Wattpad has also given me a few sales on my first book, which is always good, and I've been able to read some fantastic stories, get some good feedback, and meet other authors who can help me with my debut book.
If you're thinking of joining Wattpad, then you should probably focus on the forums. They are teeming with life and friendly folk, and you can find free editors, free book covers, free book trailers (I know right, who knew?!), and much more.
Overall, I really think that Wattpad has opened up a ton of opportunities for me. Also, you may know that I am doing Camp NaNo this year, and I have joined some threads for us brave NaNoers, and I've been able to participate in tons of word wars, and sprints, with friendly people. Though, I type at over 100 words per minute and therefore I am usually the winner of these wars.
Thinking of joining?
Well I think you should!
Let me know if you have a Wattpad account and I'll read some of your things! Have an opinion? Let me know in the comments.

(By the way, a lot of my recent views have been coming from Wattpad... ooooh)

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