Thursday, 3 July 2014

Novice's Guide to Erotica (18+)

In recent years, pornographic material has changed. It's gone from softcore videos on cable TV, to websites. But more recently (really with the success of books like Fifty Shades of Grey), erotica is getting bigger. Not only that, but it's also selling more. What more proof could you need of the sales, other than going to a book site and looking at the most-downloaded list - the majority will be erotica aimed at women (sometimes men).
So, if you're struggling at writing it, read on!

  • Ditch the cliches! Don't say "he entered her slowly, knowing it was her first time". We've seen this done. We've probably all been there. Make it rough and tumble, maybe he doesn't know. If it's lesbian/gay, make sure you make it unique. Sometimes there are limitations but you can usually make anything and everything a little more unique.
  • Don't be embarrassed. If you're writing sex, write it. Don't say "they did it" and leave it at that. Readers of porn want porn and that's what you need to give to them. Go in depth, even if you blush all the way writing it. You made the single choice to write porn, so you need to give it to 'em.
  • Don't give sexual organs petnames. Her forest, his rod. Don't do it, just don't. You don't need to. If you're not mature enough to say 'penis' and 'vagina' you shouldn't have chosen to write that in the first place. Sure you can use other words, like clit and tip, but don't foray into the teenager names that teens use in fanfiction. It usually won't work.
  • Add a dash of action! Make it kinky, make it dirty, make it sweaty. Maybe they're midway through and he says 'hey let's go somewhere'. She's pissed at him, but follows him. Then they go at it on the beach for everyone to see. Make it frisky, raunchy and mad. That's the way forward!
  • Don't make them perfect. Why on earth does every single person this lady bang have a twelve inch? Why is every woman he screws got a tight one? Give him a 4". Make her hairy down there, and used. Make it nasty, just keep it fresh.
  • Perhaps you can liven things up with some bondage, or taboo topics? Fifty Shades of Grey does this veeery well and if you're looking to spice up your erotica novel, maybe look into reading some of Fifty Shades. Though it's terribly wrote, it's got some good porn.
  • Quality is always good. Don't degrade your novel because you want to focus on porn subject matter! Don't fall prey to the "lets-put-porn-and-no-story" trap, either. Story is usually vital! The reason Fifty Shades sold so well is because we lust after what Anna has - we want our own Christian Grey. ;)

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