Sunday, 6 July 2014

The Sims in Writing?

Let me just confess something... I love The Sims 2. Yes, I've tried The Sims 3, and no, it isn't for me. But I could easily waste all day every day on The Sims 2 - because it's amazing. And most of the files on my laptop are Sims2 mods, believe it or not! I've been playing The Sims 2 since it's release, and no matter what laptop I have, I always need it installed.
But is a video game really so bad to my writing career? I say no, and if you're wondering why then read on!

To begin, I should tell you that I'm currently slightly behind in CampNaNoWriMo. I started off with well over 20k words on day one, but I scrapped it and went with a new idea, and now I'm about 1000 words behind for the day.
So what do I do? Download mods for the Sims, contemplate setting up my own Sims 2 blog, and then, of course, I play the Sims 2. You may think I'm crazy, however, The Sims 2 has been an invaluable creative outlet that lets me think up new scenarios. At the moment, I've made a few Sims from my book, and with the help of some custom content, my characters have been envisioned, and I've taken some screenshots. This is great, because I can actually see the people I'm putting through hell, and I can really imagine my book as a TV show - that's why the Sims 2 is brilliant.
Many people overlook the power of video games, but as a long-time gamer since I was 3, I should tell you that without video games, I probably would not be the writer that I am today. Without the help of Morrowind all those yeas ago, my first story "Khajiit's Dagger" would never have been wrote, and I would never have been inspired... well, I don't think so.
So, I want you, you wondeful readers, to just install Sims 2 (psst, if you don't have it, just download a torrent. It's what I did after buying the game a thousand times and now having a laptop without a disktray). Load it up. Go to Create-A-Sim and then make your main character. It may feel weird, especially if you've  never played the Sims, and you may have to go back through your novel to find out what your characters look like. But, you will certainly envision your creation. Then I want you to screenshot all your characters, maybe even download a pose box and take a screenshot inside their snazzy, Sim-version of their house. It will help you remember your characters.
Not only that, but with the help of just a few hacks, you can make your Sims live out your novels, and maybe you'll get new ideas. If you're writing a love story, a good hack would be the ACR - or Autonomous Casual Romance. It will make your Sims be likely to cheat which is always good drama in novels.
What do you guys think? I love The Sims and I would gladly give up writing for good if it meant playing Sims all day. But alas, I get ideas!

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