Monday, 3 November 2014

How to Silence Your Inner Editor - NaNoWriMo Tips & Hints!

Third post in a row about NaNoWriMo, I know. But with good reason! It is DAY THREE (well done you fierce warriors, you made it past the 48 hour mark) and some people are starting to give up already! Don't worry guys, because I know why. You either a. are losing hope; b. have already started editing, or c. can't see the point. This post will help with point B - silencing that bloody editor that just won't shut up.
Calm down, tell him or her to take a month long break, get a fresh cup of coffee and start writing. Editing in NaNo either happens as people go along or in chunks. some people refuse to write anything below par. Well the point of NaNo is to spew words onto the page, it doesn't even matter if they make remote sense to anyone other than you (heck, if it helps, it doesn't need to make sense to you, either!).

Learn how to take a break. Hide words, if you have to. Write in white or don't even look at anything over than the kkeyboard.
I strongly advise people with a narky inner editor to try out ILYS Writer. It's fabulous because you set yourself a word limit and can only see one letter at a time until you hit the limit and cannot save, edit or copy what you write until you make your goal. This is great for people doing NaNo because even the toughest inner editor is forced to take a backseat. I would advise setting the word limit to 50k if you can keep your laptop browser open on that page until the end of the month but if you do that your PC will run a little slow.
Written Kitten is also great for shutting the inner editor up because if you like animals or anything, for thatr matter, your motivation to see cute pictures will go over whatever the editor is telling you to do.
Write or Die is a harsher mode of motiviting you... try it with caution because if you stop writing,... you are likely to get your words deleted by the program. Nobody wants that!
Another but riskier method is,... "write drunk, edit sober" this works because when you're drunk, you won't be checking for errors or inconsistencies. You'll be drunk! Ernst Hemmingway believed in this, but he was a known alcoholic. Give it a try with a few glasses of wine or cans of Fosters. I promise you that your inner editor will be drunk too, and will fall straight to sleep.

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