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Fanfiction - How to Write, Opinions etc

Fanfictions are everywhere. There are multiple forms of fanfiction, with drawings and texts being the most common. And everyone has a different view on them! This post is all about writing fanfiction, keeping canon, and also about different opinions.

A note on fanfiction

Not everyone likes fanfiction. I said I was going to cover opinions on fanfiction, and here I am! Some creators hate it. Some creators love it. That said, check the rules of places you upload to see if an author has said they don't want fanfiction based on their work. It will save you a lot of trouble in the long run!
However, most people who make manga/anime see fanfiction as a good thing - it's known as doujinshi over there, and usually comes in the form of long stand-alone comics. 
It's always best to check if you're allowed to upload, and if you are, make copies- you never know when a creator might change their mind!

Keeping Canon

Remaining canon can be tricky. Not all stories are canon though, Some of the best aren't! But how do you stay canon, if you want to? Well, first of all, have the internet handy. Chances are, there's a whole website dedicted to the lore and stories of characters and the world. For example, if you're writing a story about the hit game Skyrim, there's an entire wiki about Skyrim and all the other games in the series!
Remember to use terminology correct to the lore. For example, if you're writing about Game of Thrones, and you're setting it with the Dothraki, use Khaleesi instead of Queen. If you're writing about Dragon Age, use "by the Maker" instead of "Oh God". It makes it much easier and more believable.
Another fact, is that not all characters are HETEROSEXUAL. This is a reference from a favorite story of mine about Dragon Age, where the author claimed one of the characters was straight. No, he clearly said that he had a male lover in the Circle of Magi.Just remember those tiny details and you'll be fine.
Of course, some things just can't be canon. If you're like the majority of the internet, you're writing sex. Sometimes you just have to bend the rules! I used to write a lot of yaoi (two men going at it), and the characters I wrote were clearly heterosexual. You sometimes have to break a few rules to get the good stuff.

Writing Sex

Sex is hard to write. Well, if you're new to it! I did this post a while ago on how to write erotica, and none of my advice has changed. If you can imagine it, you can write it. Just pretend that nobody will see! 

Writing a long series

Want to write a long, epic series? Well, unfortunately, not every series or comic or game is finished. That means lore is liable to change if you set things in the future. 
Writing a long series can be like writing your own book. You need to remember a ton of information, and it's best to write it all down. You don't want to read through fifty chapters just to remember who told your main character she was sexy, do you? Luckily, though, the internet is a mass archive of everything you might ever need to know, so remember to check up on your canon facts every so often to make sure you have lore correct.

Fanfiction success

A lot of people who write fanfictions end up successful. If they have a good idea, good writing, and good characters, people may find themselves with a publishing deal or making a steady flow of money from drawing. 50 Shades of Grey, anyone? It started as a Twilight fiction ;)

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