Sunday, 5 April 2015

Make Writing FUN - Word Crawls [NaNoWriMo word boosters]

Writing is fun. But unfortunately, it might get boring or annoying when you've been non-stop writing for a week or two. That's where the NaNoWriMo forums come in!
Here are some of the best, most brutal, and most fun crawls that you can do on your own, or with friends!
  • Hunger Games crawl - this is brutal. It is hard hitting and heavy. You won't be able to make an excuse for not hitting your wordcount with this! I managed over 15k with it, and I'm sure you guys can all hit that, too!
  • The Casual Campaign Dungeon Crawl - not as bad as the above, but a definite booster! 
  • Pokémon Master Crawl - if you like Pokémon, you'll love this! Follow your adventures as a trainer whilst padding up your word count!
  • Minecraft Crawl - like the above, this one was designed for people who have a fandom. If you like Minecraft, then this should be a short but fun adventure for you to try out when you want some extra words.
  • Supernatural Crawl - ...yet another fandom one. But, still, Supernatural fans and people who are writing about demons etc can find a lot of fun in this one! I managed to get a good 4k doing this one, and I advise watching Supernatural anyways. c;
  • Walking Dead crawl - Zombies everywhere. Go do this crawl to escape from the Zombies!
  • Buffy the Vampire Slayer crawl - this is fun for vampire fans, especially Buffy fans! I didn't get to many words wrote in this, but I did lose inspiration partway through.
I know there aren't many... but these are some of my faves! Hope you get a lot of words wrote, with them!


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  2. Thanks for all of the great links! I'll have to check them out! :D

  3. It seems none of these threads survived the annual thread wipe. Do you know anymore hard-hitting word crawls?



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