Monday, 4 May 2015

9 Habits of Successful Authors

Are you an author (for fun or for a living?)? Then you probably want to be successful. Want to be successful? Read this guide
As an author, you no doubt spend a lot of your time working on your next big novel, fiction piece or other creative pursuit. However, there are 9 habits that can help you become more successful with your writing adventures.

  1. Connect with others. You probably think this is a waste of time, but the most successful people connect with people via social networking or other social events. These events are awesome methods of networking and, not only this, but you gain a following by doing this. Not a fan of going out? Then use the internet. Don't overload your viewers, though, use a maximum of three networking accounts, such as an Instagram profile, a Facebook page, and finally, a blog. Make sure that you curate your life on these profiles, and make them the best that you can.
  2. Learn to be more efficient. Spending all of your time typing up a book? Don't. This might sound controversial, but it works! Learn to type quicker, learn to write without spending ~2 months planning, learn to be efficient. You need time to write, network, design, and anything else you have to do, all in one day. So, if you can type 10k words a day, and I mean quality words, it may take 2 hours. This is awesome. Spend the rest of the day networking, sleeping, and maybe eating.
  3. Listen to advice, but don't take it to heart. Bad reviews can make you feel horrible, I know, because I get a bad review sometimes, too. But you need to take the valuable tidbits, and ignore the personal hate. If you get a scathing review, try to see why. Maybe they just don't like romance-Sci-fi cross-overs. If they aren't your target audience, do not worry.
  4. Write for yourself. Self-explanatory. If you want a cliche book, do it. If you like it, somebody else will. And if it isn't popular, does it matter? Repeat step 3.
  5. Don't restrict yourself. Creativity has no limits. People often come to me, and say things about how they want to write things but they feel like they can't. Why not? Often, the issues fall down to what people have been exposed to. Want to write sex in a book with teens? Why not? Teens do have sex, and you are writing it. If somebody is offended, they don't have to read it. Want to write a sci-fi romance with dragons set in a medieval city in the middle of the ocean? DO IT. 
  6. Ignore others. Don't follow the crowd. Be your own person, be unique. If you write something that nobody likes, you might not be as successful as others, but I will promise you that you will hone your talents, and people will flock to you, creating a much more dedicated fan base. Originality is what makes people successful, not anything else (well, talent helps, but it can be honed).
  7. Love your work. Create something you're proud of. If you love it, others will be able to see it
  8. Take breaks frequently. I own a boat, so I like to just give up on life for a few days and relax out at sea. If you don't own a boat, why not go for a road trip? You'll get inspiration, ideas, and also, a break from the havoc known as real life.
  9. Don't stress over the little things. You don't need to be stressed over doing something wrong. This applies to everything - not just writing. Remember that your life is your own and if you feel good about doing something, do it!


I am not saying every author does these things, but this is my view on being a better person and being more in-the-public-eye. Remember, you should always do what you want to do, and that's a good thing!

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