Monday, 21 December 2015

Atelophobia eBook Review

Atelophobia is a free-to-read eBook by Sadie J Hobbs that covers a wide range of emotional issues and is definitely a great read. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and would reccommend it to anyone looking for something to read that won't take an eternity, but is long enough to satisfy!

The two words that I would pick to describe this are 'crafted' and 'painful'. But I use the word "painful" in the best way I can -- this book is emotional, it serves to linger in your mind as a sort of tragedy. It's great to read.
Hobbs' writing style is fluid, and even though she is new to writing, her style is indicitive of her genre. Some parts of this book are definitely eye-openers, and her use of language and tense help to convey a further sense of emotion in the reader: definitely a tear jerker in parts.
When reading it, the plot appealed to me. Lately, a lot of books with touching stories have come to me for reviewing - but this is perhaps the best one I've read in a while. Funnily enough, the plot itself is something that I would be liable to write. In fact, I would be tempted to say I have wrote things similar in the past. What is striking about this particular book is how it's wrote. There is a clear perception of audience, and every aspect of emotion and sense is covered by Hobbs in this book.
Well-developed is a term I like to use, but when reading this, it is clear to me that Hobbs has taken a decent amount of time to develop the characters, settings, and overarching plot. Despite smaller plot arcs seemingly cropping up every once in a while, I'd like to admit there aren't many plot holes.

Not only is the plot substantial, but the grammar and punctuation of Hobbs is excellent. The hallmark of a great writer is their literary capability: Hobbs exceeds many of my expectations in this regard and for that, I am thankful. The book is wonderful to read, and some parts flow so well they sound virtually natural. Not every book that comes to me can sustain excellent fluidity like this one has, and I am impressed by the skill shown by Hobbs.

Overall, Sadie Hobbs is a writer you simply must look out for - her work is phenomenal and this book is certainly worth the read! Oh, did I mention that it's free?

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