Saturday, 19 December 2015

Crows Among Doves: The Story, Progress & Updates

Hello everyone, it's been forever since I last actually uploaded a blog post that wasn't a review. So, I want to just share some excellent news with you all... about Crows Among Doves. Yeah, that book I've been writing forever.

It might not seem like it to most of you, but this book means the world to me. I started writing it when I was 12, under the title 'Secrets'. Upon learning that that was also a name for a rather risque online store, it changed to 'Tainted Wings'. It was spawned from my abnormal love for Twilight - I'd always loved vampires, and Twilight changed the game for me. True Blood also inspired my work, but because I was 12, it was, frankly, trash. The original copy was wrote using OpenOffice on an old Sony Vaio.
Then when I was 14, the original copy (being a meagre 20k at it's completion) was trashed. During NaNoWriMo I worked my ass off to write something unique, something better. This was years ago, but I remember how hard I pushed myself. What I wrote was something I was proud of. And at that point, I applied to an agent. They rejected me.
My first rejection wasn't particularly tough on me. I'd read all about how people like JK Rowling had been rejected dozens of times before getting published, and that gave me hope. The following year, I wrote something considerably better, and since then, it's been improving. Now, I'm much older. The name came to me when I was walking home one afternoon in October - there was a huge gathering of crows outside my house, but I saw a pigeon who was particularly white flitting through the group. Then, the contrast of white and black inspired my inner muse to climb the mountain, and do a complete rewrite... which would create the first draft of the product I am finally prepared to share with the world.

Now, some excellent news! I plan to self-publish in 2016! It will be complete, with a pretty cover, and available through multiple outlets. However, I really want to traditionally publish and the people who I'm looking at really... make me want to cry at them until they accept me. They're so fresh, unique. I've never heard of them, but I stumbled onto their website a few years back when I was first looking to submit the first draft.
I would love some input on this! Do you think I should try and get them to accept me? Or just go directly to self-publishing?

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