Saturday, 19 December 2015

Sorrow Beginnings eBook Review

Recently, I've been trying to read more, and so I offered my services to Wattpad, which is why you'll notice this is the second Wattpad review I've done recently -- the first of which was done for Crow-Caller's book, Terminal. This time round, however, I'm reviewing something a little different, and something that is quite frankly beautiful. Sorrow Beginnings by thinkelysian is a free-to-read eBook that is wrote sort-of as a diary, and, as someone who has suffered with some of the issues raised, I am able to relate so much to this book, and I hope you will be able to sympathise with the book!

First of all, it's wrote like a diary. It's in short chunks which makes it perfect light afternoon reading, despite dealing with some very heavy concepts. Overall, it is nicely wrote, and I enjoyed it! Some things don't really make sense though. I used to keep a diary, and there is so much detail in this book that makes it unbelievable as a diary.
Don't get me wrong, it's well wrote and the author has some great grammar, but I don't think it;s entirely too believable. If this were wrote more as prose, or poetry, it might have worked better. The diary format is definitely something that has to be mastered, and I don't think this is the book that tames it. Sorry!
Anyway, the themes and ideas that have been dealt with in this book are hefty, indeed. As the back of the "jacket" suggests, this is dark and not for the faint of heart. If you're sensitive, then I don't advise you to read it! But if you're not, then it's a nice little read that tugs at your heart strings, it might even  make you cry. The character is something of a tragedy in herself - everything she experiences makes us feel sorry for her, and the events which take place around her all help tie into that. It would be nice to get a little ray of sunshine in there more often, but, this book is MADE by the overall harshness that is Sorrow Beginnings.
The authors vocabulary is also rather wonderful in parts. Some parts are rather lacklustre but I'm willing to totally overlook that due to the wonderful narration of the 'diary', and the story it tells which is all to reminiscent of my own.

Overall, I give this book a solid three out of five stars. I don't usually grade, but it's something that I think I should start doing! This is a good, easy read, and my heart goes out to anyone experiencing these issues. But, as I said, it's charm can't completely overhaul everything, and it isn't entirely my cup of tea. It isn't particularly dull, but it also isn't the greatest - a work in progress, but something that has a lot of potential.

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