Thursday, 2 June 2016

How to Get "in the Zone" for Writing | NaNoWriMo Tips & Tricks

Hello everyone! Seems like forever since I last posted, which is partly accurate. So, whenever I write, I tend to write an awful lot, and I put that down to being in "the zone". It's a really cool mind-place where I gear myself towards writing, and focus on that! It's pretty cool, and that's one of the reasons I write so much, I think.
Ergo it makes sense, to me at least, to let you guys know how I get to that state of mind, and let you guys know how you can get there too.

  1. Create a ritual. By creating a ritual, you can get yourself  into a solid mindset much easier. People do this with bedtime routines, bathing, and much more. How do I do it? Well, I like to turn my laptop on, close all tabs and windows (possibly even restart my laptop), load up Scrivener. After that's done, I'll grab a drink (usually an energy drink or water) and maybe a snack, then just reread the last 10-15 lines to get a grasp of what I was doing. Some people like to do some stretches or go for a walk, and some people go to a place to inspire them such as a coffee store (the stereotype of Starbucks customers with their Macs didn't come from nowhere) or a park.
  2. Join a forum or group that writes together. In one of the chats I'm a member of, they lock the chat for an hour at 8pm, and everyone has to write for an hour without breaks to chat. This helps because everyone competes to write the most, and before the chat is locked, the group help eachother to plan. Whilst it's quite off topic, most of the time, they do help. 
  3. Get yourself a list of things to write about. This can help you get into the zone because you will have a list of things you know you need to write. It's incredibly helpful to me, and others, because it prevents you getting stumped.
  4. Put your writing playlist on, I have a huge playlist of songs on Youtube that I listen to when Im writing a specific novel. For my fantasy novel, I have a lot of video game soundtracks, and songs that inspired certain pivotal moments of the plot. It's a great idea to have these little prompts via songs, because they can add emotion to your writing as well as help fuel your creativity, I find. If you need help, look at what video games match your genre, and start from their soundtracks, or even the soundtracks of films. I like to use videogames that I've played, such as Skyrim and Dragon Age. Other films and games I use include the Lord of The Rings films (and The Hobbit), horror films such as The Ring, and Fear, Bioshock, and Red Dead Redemption.
Do you have any other helpful tips? Let me know in the comments section! 

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