Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Crows Among Doves Update... Again

Well, yeah, this blog has sort of been dedicted to it. Whilst I do have a sideproject, Ashen, it's taken a little bit of a side track and I haven't even looked at the folder the file is in for a long time. I'm trying to get CAD done and done PROPERLY. I'm on the hunt for a better editor, as the one I'm using now has sort-of... abandoned me? I Cry Every Tiem.

Anyway guys! I thought I'd just do a little quick update on it. The cover is done, the ISBNs are done, and page setup is done, and all that's left is just a chapter or two, because I've cut down the length of CAD in order to make them more manageable to read in smaller chunks. There will now be three novellas, and I felt it would be the best to do that, so as:
  1. I can release it quicker (its been in the works for SIX YEARS!!11111)
  2. I can get more action, story and drama in each one (working off my initial plan, it would get to around the 200k mark, which is a little bit much...)
  3. It's a little less work for me, considering I'm working hard at uni.
So there's the lowdown. Everything I have to get done is nearly done and it'll be on Amazon soon, I promise! I'll be ordering a copy for myself, because I'm my biggest fan, obviously.

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