Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Crown of Thorns -- Crows Among Doves PREQUEL

Crows Among Doves has officially been submitted and should be for sale within the next maybe 10 hours! Eeeep! I'm so excited! I'm going to be offering a few signed copies exclusively through here, but, in other news...

Yes, there is going to be another book. It's a prequel, based around Rose and Joshua before they became fallen, and serves as a bit of a comprehensive guide to the lore and history of the fallen/grigori/elders. It is most likely going to either be incredibly short, or incredibly long... and I haven't decided yet! But because of how I want to write it, itcan be read as a standalone, or before you've even started to read Crows Among Doves. So, if you wanted to know about the lore and history behind the book, this is where to start (even though in the series of books it will be book number 2).
Anyway, I also plan on having one more book in the series, to complete the trilogy. The timeline is gonna be all over the place, with the third one set after the events of Crows Among Doves. But hey, I am not a chronological thinker! I'm super hyped to share this with you and if anyone fancies a signed copy of the book, feel free to let me know. There will probably also be an instagram and Facebook page set up for Crows Among Doves, or myself! That's also something I'm hyped for, so keep your eye out for hashtags on Instagram!

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