Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Fade to Oblivion by Fahim Ferdous Promi Preview - Review

I recently recieved a preview of "Fade to Oblivion: Cradle of Lost Memories", authored by Fahim Ferdous Promi. Whilst not necesarily something I'd choose to read normally, it has a great, albeit long, title, and a promising premise. This books release is TBC.
The book opens with a lot of great description, really setting the scene. It's terribly clear the author has a knack for the use of colours and scenery, creating a wonderful image in my head. There are a lot of interesting words scattered through the preview, some I've personally never used, as well as some made-up words. The fantasy theme is running strong through the preview, and it's clear what the genre is from the get-go.

Well-wrote, creative, and unique, are three terms I'd use for it. The dialogue is well-wrote, too, though the punctuation bugs me a little, and so do the speech tags. It's a really nicely written piece with a few syntax errors, but it still isn't a totally finished piece, so I'm not expecting perfection.
Sometimes, the dialogue goes on for far too long, leaving me with a craving for more description and scenery. There is a distinct lack of literary techniques, but that's not really something most reader look for. The author is still able to create wonderful imagery in his work, and the dialogue isn't the worst thing in the world, by a long shot.
The characters are rather believable, though I, personally, would appreciate more background to them and a more in-depth description.

One major point I'm keen to pick up on is the length of chapters. They feel a little short to me, and whilst I'm assuming the target audience for this novel(la) is potentially young adults, they still feel as though they're lacking something. Some chapters are longer than others, but it feels sometimes rushed, but I guess the chapters are perfect for bite size reading! I love long chapters and long novels, because it gives me an excuse not to go to bed early! But I definitely feel that some added detail could go a long way here, but if you're not particularly bothered about chapter length then you would love this novel(la). The sixth chapter does read quite long, I'll admit. But this isn't the case with all of it, so if you're the type of person to read a chapter a day, you might find yourself reading for much longer on some days than other days. Not a bad thing, per se, but some consistency could really help this novel(la) out.

Overall, this is a wonderfully creative piece of work and I'm so happy I got to read it, and I totally fell in love with some of the characters. The plot is a little mysterious sometimes, and I'm not really certain of the direction it'll take next -- but that's one of the great things about getting lost in a book! I'd say if you're into fantasy and young adult novels, this one is for you. It's clearly crafted to perfection in parts and it's obvious that this new author has worked super hard to polish this up and make it as good as it can be.

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