Crows Among Doves

He loved her. She loved him. But was it all worth it?

Crows Among Doves is a fantasy novel based around the lives of Joshua Ryan and Emie Jones, and is the first in the Crows Among Doves trilogy, followed by Crown of Thorns and Inquisition. Bestfriends, lovers, more, she finds herself trapped in a game of cat and mouse with dangerous people who would love nothing more than to see her dead. Why? Revenge. Love. 
This is a novella about love and fear, and at only 40k, it's an easy read. It is available via Amazon and available in select bookstores, as well as limited signed copies available from Kristin James.

Goodreads Summary

Emie and Joshua were best friends up until her father died and their relationship crumbled. Recently, another death has brought them together, and now they're closer than before. However, this new death was the death of Joshua's uncle Emilio; a powerful lord within a supernatural court of law who kept the peace. With his death, Emie has been flung into a new world of supernatural beings and a powerful struggle for power between the fallen and the elders.

Where to Purchase 

CAD is currently processing to be sold in multiple different stores, however, this could take several weeks. Meanwhile, it is available here, and will soon be on Amazon as a physical copy. 

 Praise for Crows Among Doves

"I extremely love this. I mean I haven't took my eyes off the screen the moment I read the first chapter." -Nightpiece/Wattpad
"...a splended work of art..." -Saklap/Wattpad
"...a story that needs to be told..." -James Gallno


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